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    I guess that sticking to the ancient genomes we do have, this is the best objective approach. I did have my DNA tested by Ancestory. If you can test a sibling or cousin — or even better someone from an older generation — you might be able to get more data to support this theory. To clarify my comment above: I was referring to Y-chromosome testing. Supposedly it was forbidden for anyone to learn Mongol. But just to make sure everything's ticking over OK, try and repeat some runs from Haak et al. Alberto "With the ancient genomes we have, the ones we lack, and what we know from modern populations, this seems the most reasonable explanation for me.
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    You fail. They didn't come from West Asia, nor did they carry any J2. That's a lot of mail-order brides! My view at the moment is that a population very similar to the teal samples formed in Central Asia or the North Caucasus during the Neolithic as result of admixture between MA1-like and Near Eastern groups. This population, I believe, then expanded into the Russo-Kazakh steppe by the onset of the Eneolithic. Davidski, "They didn't come from West Asia, nor did they carry any J2.
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    China and California: A Transpacific Experiment. An interview with journalist Matt Sheehan, whose new book probes the relationship between China and America's largest state. Pakistan's Leader Comes to Washington. Current Affairs. President Trump's curious statement about Kashmir negotiations aside, Imran Khan's visit to the United States could have consequences for Afghanistan, writes Hassan Abbas. A survey of key presidential candidates, government officials, and members of Congress of Asian descent.
    west asian blog west asian blog
    I think it's a bit wrong-headed to say that supporters of the Kurgan hypothesis say that Proto-Indo Europeans were of Northern European ancestry. The steppes of Southern Russia are, after all, adjacent to the Caucasus. Given the huge migrations of peoples through the region, modern day Ukrainians and Southern Russians shouldn't be taken as being representative of the ancient population, which could have had far more Caucasian affinities. The Ossetians, for example, may be far more representative of the population at least in Scythian times. Obviously one scenario happened however. Farmers have replaced farmers linguistically numerous times in European history. No pastoralist incursion from the Eurasian steppe ever played an important role in the European linguistic landscape.
    west asian blog west asian blog

    Ask Ancestry Anne: Does My DNA Suggest Native American?

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