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If you need a cash infusion every now and then, how about some tips to make sure you are not getting unreasonable rates that some institutions are famous for?

First one is your credit rating – if it’s not really strong, you can improve it. Some ways to do that are by checking your credit report for any mistakes and fixing them. You can also get another credit card which you will use responsibly, making on-time payments. In a matter of months this can help you get your score up.

Second one is how you shop around for personal loans – you need to consider the overall cost every time you talk to loan providers. Not just the interest, but also all the associated fees. This can really give you a different picture for which option is better.

Third, if you are looking for a short term loan, opting for a variable rate can get you a lower rate overall than a fixed one.

Always make sure to check your providers for reviews online before making a commitment.